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Here is everything you need to know for your upcoming procedure. Please watch the informational video, read the information below, and feel to call us if you have any questions prior to your appointment.

Informed Consent Video

This video discusses the benefits and risks of anesthesia and goes over what to expect at your appointment. Please note that the video is mostly aimed towards younger patients and some things may be different for older patients. (i.e. whether a children can tolerate an IV instead of an injection, whether they are too big or too strong to start in the usual hugging position, shorter vs. longer dental treatments, etc…)

Pre-operative Instructions

Medical evaluations/consults may be required by your dentist. Please give us a call if your child has any medical conditions of which you think we may need to be aware.

  1. NO FOOD OR MILK OR SNACKS (not even a single raisin) 8 hours prior to the procedure. NO CLEAR LIQUIDS 2 hours prior to the procedure.
    • Same as prior to a surgery in the hospital. Anything in the stomach makes it more likely for food to come up under anesthesia, go into the lungs, and increases risk of injury and death.
  2. Bring a clean blanket for the procedure.
    • As mentioned in the video, patient can get cold and have the chills under anesthesia. The blanket will be used during and/or after the procedure to keep your child comfortable.
  3. Bring a change of clothing.
    • Children can have accidents under anesthesia, especially if they refuse to or are unable to void before the procedure. To avoid accidentst, please use the bathroom before we start.
    • If not potty trained, have a fresh diaper on before the start of the procedure.


Total anesthesia fee is based on time, which usually starts at the time of the injection and ends when the patient is brought into recovery and reunited with their escorts. Fees are calculated in 15 minute increments rounding up to the nearest whole increment. There is a one hour minimum within New York City and a two hour minimum outside of New York City. We accept credit cards, debit cards, and offer a 10% cash courtesy.

We are out-of-network providers and can provide manually generated medical claims forms for you to submit to your insurance company after the procedure. Please let us know if you would like to file a claim form with your insurance company.

Post-operative Instructions

Instructions about recovery, food and liquid intake, and pain relief will be provided in the recovery period.

Anything not covered??

Call us with any questions you might have.